Given the choice, one would prefer to be cared for in their own home to cope with a disability, recuperate from illness or grow gently into old age, however, often the choice remains between living at home on your their or moving into a care home. We believe that everyone should have the choice to live independently at the comfort of their own home without having to compromise on the quality of care. Although not everyone is aware, home care is usually a more cost effective alternative to care homes.
Our services are personally catered to every clients needs and further yet we work around the clock to ensure our services are in line with the demographic challenges shown by an ageing society and increasing expectations of quality of life to be preserved for those in care.
Our Nurses and carers can be called upon for all but not limited to the service below;
• Companionship- for shopping, visiting friends or other social needs
• For general care- A peace of mind
• Recovery from hospital
• Meal time assistance, washing, getting up and going to bed.
• When regular carer is away.
• To care for you if you have a terminal illness or long-term special care needs.
• As a complete complex care solution if you prefer being in your home to hospital.
• To assist with rehabilitation, social needs and support to get back on your feet.
• When you have to travel or would like to go away for a short break or holiday.