A Better choice

We recognise specific requirements of our clients are diverse and it is essential that these are determined and proactively catered to. We achieve this by arranging a pre-engagement meeting with managers and individuals to discuss the way forward. Following discussions, appropriate staff are selected and, where required, additional specialised training will be provided to better equip our staff.

Education and training are key features in our delivery of quality care and support. To facilitate this, all staff tuition is undertaken by a specialist healthcare training provider, and
forms a comprehensive introduction to our care and support services. Candidates are
inducted on placements after successfully completing the various modules including health
& safety, personal hygiene, first aid and manual handling.

Specialised training is given for specific client needs such as autism, physical disabilities, learning disabilities and mental health. In addition, our services also cater to the elderly, young adults and people with physical disabilities. Our administrative and bookings staff is always at your service to help meet all your diverse needs and to deliver your success.